Subash Thapa,

I start my day with a cup of tea and news in online websites and apps like Flipboard, and Mashable. Then I check my email & notifications and start working with various updates needed to make my day as productive as possible.

Most of the time, my works are related to developing websites, making changes and administering them. In most of my past developments, PHP and it's related technologies like MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript were used. I have various websites online, running with my own CMS. The best out of them is a property management system, designed and developed for a client from United Kingdom.

I can help you with:

  1. Web application testing,
  2. PHP website development,
  3. Website design,
  4. Modification,
  5. WordPress,
  6. Frameworks like laravel, codeigniter,
  7. Responsive design


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About me

I'm Subash Thapa (web developer, freelancer, designer).

Web development has been my passion from the day I started using computer. I can help you from the first stage of website i.e designing, programming(developing) till the last stage or deployment, including domain name registration and hosting.

I would love to get engaged in any type of website to design, develop or maintenance.